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Rich Coffey Instrumentals


I have been a professional musician all my life - those of you who know me know my primary creative focus has been composing music. My originals are flavored by all these influences: Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, Native American --
it makes for a tasty gumbo!

Native American icon
Native American flavored

High Energy


Mellow Fusion

  • Back At It
    jazz fusion - trombones
  • At The Helm
    smooth jazz fusion, mixed time signatures,
    upper register trombone
  • Voates
    (pronounced voh- ah-tes)
    jazz guitar and two trombones,
    mellow and introspective
  • High Altitude
    moody jazz fusion, upper register trombone

Brazilian flavored

  • On The Go
    Brazilian jazz with 5 horns (3 flutes, flugelhorn and bone...)
  • Praia (pronounced pry - ah)
    a bossa nova evocative of the vibe I felt cruisin' down the beach in Rio de Janeiro
  • Funkamba
    contemporary jazz fusion
  • Summer's Here
    Brazilian jazz, happy uptempo


  • Oblivion 
    Astor Piazolla's Famous Tango
    featuring the trombone
  • The Road to Emmaus
    8 trombones and pipe organ
  • Bonified
    classical string ensemble with trombone soloist
    (a bit of jazz snuck in as well)