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I have been an active creative musician all my life. Prior to settling down in Connecticut to raise a family, I had a diverse background as a professional musician—first in Boston then in New York City—playing in local clubs, composing for film and dance companies as well the privilege of touring with Astrud Gilberto as a trombonist/keyboardist. I enjoy and perform, arrange and compose a wide variety of musical idioms from Brazilian jazz to classical and pop. One could truthfully say "I don't compose to live -- I live to compose!"

Left Turn After touring with Astrud Gilberto (news item), I prudently decided to take a left turn and pursue a multimedia career specializing in interactive design. (A need for stability and health insurance weighed heavy on this decision...) It has been creatively rewarding as well. Always a strong advocate of online learning through interactive multimedia, my other site: vizettes.com details work in this idiom.

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Music and Multimedia

Exploring, questioning, melding and discovering; I have tried to keep the creative spark burning in many ways. I still continue to compose (and perform occasionally) although my primary focus these days has been producing content that straddles both music and multimedia.

From jazz to classical, from the sacred to the street, I believe my unique musical compositions and multimedia projects creatively explore a region all too often ignored by much of mainstream media:

The projects presented on this site are intended to be both entertaining and "informational"—interactive songs and new media to move you, inform you, intrigue you, and perhaps even motivate you. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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