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YouTube - Captured Live Performances

Live Performances on YouTube
An incredible array of great tunes performed live by some of my favorite artists through the years...

Brazilian Music Live on YouTube
Very special live performances of Ivan Lins, Tom Jobim, Raul de Souza, etc.

Great Classical Trombone - Live on YouTube
Live performances by Jeremy Wilson and Nicolas Moutier.

Top 40 Instrumental Hits
Back a few decades, AM radio had quite a few instrumental hits (no vocals). There were some really catchy tunes—from surf guitar to even heavy fusion. This collection features a good number of selections replete with Billboard statistics and a bit of historical detail on each tune. Whenever available, a live version is chosen.

TV Theme Songs
Interesting Trivia on a few catchy TV Theme songs - includes a snippet of the melody scored.

FYI -The Music Classroom

The Tragic Deaths of Famous Composers
Blood Poisoning, Typhoid, Head Bashing Accidents, Syphilis, Depression, Alcoholism, Mental Collapse, Insanity… It's hard to believe but the sheer number of tragedies of famous composers is rarely documented as a compilation.

About Brazilian Music
Composers, Performers, Styles. Links to a large variety of resources...

Native American Spirituality and Music
Learn about Native American spiritual beliefs and their music.

The Didgeridoo
An amazing musical instrument - lots of links to YouTube performances.

Interactive Scores
Multimedia done right!

Rich's Faves

Recommended musician-related sites
Famous and local favorite Musicians and Groups


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