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ListenThe Listen section contains an eclectic assortment of original music and arrangements as well as a few scores synched to the music. Select from links below to view and listen to:


The Songbook features a select sampling of original songs. In addition, cover “collaborations” (rearrangements) have been separated out into a new page. Wi-Fi is recommended for smart phone users. It will be dynamically varied as new tunes are featured and some selections are pulled from the site.

The former Flash version was eliminated - Read why.

Nature Suite - A series of musical vignettes accompanied by a quote on nature encompassing a potpourri of musical styles. Includes stunning shots of nature at her finest.
Instrumentals - A select sampling of original instrumentals and custom-crafted arrangements.
spirited A few Traditional Spirituals arranged for an a cappella male quartet
ScoreViewLive - See the score of the music as you are listening to it.
- see also Interactive Music Scores - Synched Analysis in the Links Section
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Jukebones - A few pop tunes and standards arranged for trombones

The Listen section will get periodically updated with new material (depending on time and inspiration). Bookmark and check the Featured or What's New pages to be aware of any updates.

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Piano (Demos and Standards)

I have few short YouTube videos where I am playing my original songs on the piano. Click as indicated to see the full PlayList choices.

Playlist Instructions

Here's a Playlist: