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We've Lost Our Way



Lost to time those childhood days of innocence and fun
Full of smiles with hearts ablaze, free spirits on the run

Now gunshots in the theaters and schools
Crackpots given power and setting rules
Shouting matches fill the evening news
We’ve lost our way…

Searching for a breeze to fill our sails and drift away
But headwinds halt our chance for change, we’re grounded here to stay.

Nighttime brings the worry and the fear
Violent voices echo in our ear
Flashes of the horrors that we’ve seen
Haunt us each day…

Daylight brings the hope of better times ahead
The sunshine eases all the pain
But deep down inside we wonder can it change?

(Bone Solo)

Lost to time those childhood days when innocence ran free
Can we find our way once more to how it used to be?

Music, Lyrics, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

Growing up in the innocent 50s and the counterculture 60s, one had a not only a sense of piety and purpose but also the hope that the world was inevitably changing for the better. Major disruptive events in America such as Sputnik and the ensuing Space Race, Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam and Kent State, all helped prod the country in a positive direction.

But today rampant gun violence, intractable partisan politics and a general sense of "crazies in control" seem to have negated the positive changes fueled back in the 60s.

This song is not meant to be wistfully nostalgic—heck our yesteryears weren't perfect!—but more like a plaintive plea for peace and "sensibility" that regrettably seems like such an impossible dream these days… (sigh)

Music Details:
While "out of commission" at the beginning of this year due to surgery, I had some extra time to sit at the piano and come up with these harmonies. I posted a piano demo back in January and didn't add lyrics until August. The song was remixed in January 2017 (shortened duration of strings in places, etc.)

Claus Ogerman's "Gate of Dreams" orchestrations (which IMHO has got to be one of the most hauntingly beautiful music I have ever had the pleasure to hear) probably subconsciously inspired this composition.