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Changing Vistas

I am very fortunate to have a couple of friends who are equally enamored with the outdoors and have a great eye for capturing those magic monents of nature at her finest! Their contributions are listed below. My son now lives in Colorado so yearly visits to the Rockies broaden the scope of my photo locations.

Photo Credits and Locations

Cunningham Photos
  • g1 - Woodstock, NY
  • g2 - Slip Falls, NY
  • g3 - Newcomb Lake, NY
  • g4 - Minnewaska Park, NY
  • g5 - Glenvile, NY
Jerry Barger Photos
  • All photos: vicinity of Berthoud, CO and the Rockies
RichC Photos
  • r1 - Brattleboro, VT
  • r2 - Sauguatack, CT
  • r3 - Trumbull, CT
  • r4 - Trumbull, CT
  • r5 - Catskill Mts, NY
  • r6 - Newport, RI
  • r7 - Rocky Mtn Park, CO
  • r8 - Caribou City, CO
  • r9 - Glenwood Canyon, CO
  • r10 - Garden of the Gods, CO
  • r11 - Boulder, CO