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Quarry View Live

I occasionally join the drum circle in the back "sanctuary" of the Quarry View Sculpture Park in Portland, CT. I play the Turkish Doumbek, a Brazilian Pandeiro, a Caxixi and other miscellaneous percussion.

There have been a few videos that capture my spontaneous playing of both the Native American Flute and most recently the trombone. Its all spontaneous. There's a powerhouse of great percussionists around me...I hear a riff or melody in my head and fit it to the rhythym of the drums that surround me.

The videos below were posted on various drum circle participants Facebook pages. They have been reposted to YouTube.

Peace Trail Dedication

10-9-2022 - Live Video

Thank you Judda Buda

Native Americen Flute
Live and Spontaneous

Pocket Flute  at Quarry View

8-30-2022 - Live Video

Thank you Lynne Hartwell

Live and Spontaneous

Trombone at Quarry View

8-30-2022 - Live Video

Thank You Celeste Proulx

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