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Quarry View - Portland, CT

I had the good fortune to visit Quarry View on a hot summer day in 2021. Now a sculpture park, its a very special place in an abandoned and re-purposed quarry. The owners Dean and Darlene have done an amazing job of not only restoring a neglected yet important historical site; they have also reverently transformed it into a spiritual retreat to connect with nature.

After an engaging talk with Dean that blazing hot 2021 summer day, he suggested I check out the drum circle that meets twice a week in the back "sanctuary" of the quarry. It was an amazing experience. I played theĀ Turkish Doumbek, a Brazilian Pandeiro, a Caxixi and other miscellaneous percussion. Watching the night enfold surrounded by a wall of thunderous djembes was very mystical and spiritual experience, I have returned many times since to join in the communal spirit of drumming and I now often play the Native American flutes as well, spontaneously creating riffs and melodies that sync with the wall of drums around me.

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Learn more about the history of the quarry and its status as a National Historic Landmark.

Drum Circle Tunes

On occasion, I capture some of the drum grooves on my iPhone and build instrumental songs using the drum circle grooves as the foundation of the arrangement. They are listed below:

The Loop Process

What is the process used to create drum circle audio loops?
For anyone interested....


iPhone > Audacity > Digital Performer

  1. I first listen carefully to the drum circle audio and pick what I feel are solid grooves and note the time (start and finish)
  2. I then record ALL the drum circle audio into the Audacity app.
  3. Next, I pick out what I think sounds like a solid groove and, using markers and the loop play choice from the transport menu, I listen to see if it provides a steady continuous metrically solid groove. Sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking to the start or finish markers to get it to lock in.

  4. Once I've established the solid groove I was seeking, I copy that selection to a new Audacity file and save it as a wav file.
  5. At this point, I import the drum groove wav files into my DAW1 (Digital Performer), figure out the tempo and then add other instruments accordingly.

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1 - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)