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Vermont 2020

In addition to my usual activities of biking while up in Vermont at the end of August each year, this year I played my various Native American flutes at few places and took some simple videos. My favorties?

Native American Flute Playlist

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Native American Flute Playlist

Stowe - Sept. 1st and 2nd

Despite the overcast weather during the first few days, I managed to play the flutes at a few spots....

Live - in the woods

Live Native American Flutes - Sept 1st
At the north end of the Stowe Bike Path, there's a spot by the river where I played my flutes assisted by a Boom Box with tracks.

Early Morning on the Platform - Sept 2nd
I sat on a platform right near where we stayed, camera was placed on my lap

"Magic Flute" Hike - Sept 2nd
A little music along the trail - Double Native American Flute
(Flute at 0:30, 1:35 and 3:15)

Little River - Sept. 3rd

I found a nice spot by the river "seemingly isolated" to play the flutes assisted by boom box tracks. The weather was beautiful and sunny although there were occasional bursts of strong winds. After playing for a few minutes I was interupted with terrible blasts from a vuvuzela across the river! Guess it wasn't such an isolated spot!
Live - streamside

Early moring stream side...

This tune is on my CD,

Vuvuzela interruption - dang it!

Snippets from this series may be used in a more professional upcoming promo video.

Tunnel Improvs - Sept. 4th

Amazing natural reverb inside a tunnel under the Interstate highway in Waterbury, VT.

Perry Hill Tunnel

Tunnel Improv #1
Native American Bass Flute

Tunnel Improv #2
Native American Flute (A minor)

Tunnel Improv #3
Native American Bass Flute

Tunnel Improv #4
Native American Double Flute

Ferns - Sept. 4th

In one of my favorite places to mountain bike, there's an absolutely beautiful area of fern ground cover in the midst of tall pines—it's a stunning area aptly named "Disneyland". After my improvs in the tunnel, I slogged up the steep hill to play a bit of flute here.

Perry Hill Ferns (Disneyland)

Ferns Improv #1
Native American Bass Flute

Ferns Improv #2
Native American Double Flute.
I play a couple of motifs from a couple of my tunes - do you recognize them?