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FUMC Concert Details

Live Outdoor Concert - Sept 18th, 2021 - 5 pm

Acclaimed blues artist Vaneese Thomas presented an uplifting, multi-genre program of classics spanning R&B, Gospel, Rock, and Pop, outside at First United Methodist Church of Stamford. Singer, songwriter, and producer, Thomas has released several albums of her own and sung with an astonishing array of internationally known performers including Sting, Celine Dion and many more.

Vanesse Thomas was joined by guitarist Peter Calo (Hairspray, Carly Simon), and vocalists Jason Terry (Good News Gospel Choir, New World Chorus) and Christina DeMaio (Gun Smoke, Home Port). The band also featured Broadway veteran bassist, Paul Adamy, John Bollinger (drummer), trombonist Rich Coffey (Astrud Gilberto), and FUMC Music Director Dr. Gabe Shuford (keyboard).

The Concert was broadcast live on FaceBook. Approximate start times for the various songs are listed below:

Note: I had only a minor role - listening to the impassioned singing and harmonies is worth a listen (especially Jason on "He Ain’t Heavy" or "With A Little Help From My Friends" - yikes!). You can jump to any selection by scrolling to the time indicated.

# Song Lead Singer ≈ Start time
1 My Sweet Lord
(Jason) 16:38
2 We Are Family
(Christina) 21:30
3 One Love
(Vanesse) 28:24
4 With A Little Help From My Friends
(Jason) 34:35
5 Get Together
(Peter) 40:40
6 Ooh Child
(Vanesse) 45:48
7 I Don’t Wanna Know
(Rich) 51:24
8 He Ain’t Heavy
(Jason) 56:10
9 Love Is The Answer
(Peter) 1:03:30
10 I’ll Take You There
(Vanesse) 1:10:50
11 Hold Us Together
(Jason and Christina) 1:19:44
12 Shine
(Christina) 1:26:10
13 Love Train (Vanesse) 1:36:08