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Iwo Jima Dude

Short and fat, all scarred and ugly...

Short and fat all scarred and ugly
The dude from Iwo Jima goes stalking
And when he stalking, each one he stalking goes... AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When he stalks it's like a disco
That pounds your head and numbs your senses
That when he passes, each one he passes goes... AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, we all watch him so madly
How can we tell him he's crazy
Yeah, we would lock him up gladly
But each time that we look in his eye

Short and fat all scarred and ugly
The dude from Iwo Jima goes stalking
And when he passes, each one he passes goes.. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I posted the crazed audio version for this quite a few years ago and it became a local hit amongst area musicians. This time I'm offering the lead sheet as well - you can see the changes are tough! (lead sheet)

I'd love to hear back regarding any live performances - I'll post links! You can email me if you would like a Bb copy (trumpet, tenor sax). Vocal or non-vocal versions are encouraged! Punk slam dancing videos are welcome as well <wink>.

Rich Coffey: Music, Lyrics, Vocals
Bill Harris: EWI*
Recorded at Mistura Productions

* An EWI (electronic wind instrument) is basically a synthesizer controller that is constructed to resemble and respond like a wind insturument -- it is blown and played like a saxophone -- but triggers synthesizers for its sounds. EWI details >

Although I love and have the upmost admiration for bossa novas and the songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim -- I couldn't resist to urge to spoof probably one of the most overplayed tunes in a musician's songbook: "The Girl From Impanema."

Rather than a sensual bossa nova, this version is a frantic ska. My chord changes and melody follow the basic harmonic pattern of the original but have been modified considerably and are actually quite difficult to solo to! Bill Harris plays a beautiful solo -- be sure to check out his website listed in the links section.