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Worst Music Videos

A sampling (laugh, cry, retch...)

Weird Russian Singer - Chum Drum Bedrum

WTF? "Brrrr yah hah hah..."
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Tongue on the Hook

Zlad! performing their song 'Electronic Supersonic'

"5...4...3...1...off blast - buckle up your beltseats"
This is so bad its a classic!
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Three Beat Slide - Skip Skip Slide - retch!

I couldn’t even get thru more than 30 seconds of this...
"I can imagine this as the welcome committee at the gates of hell."
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(Video Vomit) I Wanna Love You Tender

"Worst Music Video EVER"
Check out the comments - they are hilarious:
"This is why the aliens aren't talking to us."
"This should be on a loop in Guantanamo"

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Vennu Mallesh - It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

Yikes - lyrics are so profound (snicker)
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Vennu (cuckoo)

Icejjfish - On the Floor

Try to last more than 15 seconds listening to this one (betcha can’t!)
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Prepare for Sickness

Lastly, A Special Treat...

Raquel Welch - oo la la but...

Can it get any more stranger than this?
Raquel Welch singing at Teotihuacan
Bizarro World!
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Raquel Welch