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gone but not forgotten


This composition could be easily be renamed "Vanquished Visions" or "Vanquished Visionaries" based on the various images displayed. Although the composition's somber yet ominous mood relates to the European colonists decimation of the Native Americans' way of life, it can also evoke thoughts on other vanquished visions and visionaries throughout history: (1) Nikola Telsa's vision of free electricity for everyone; (2) various slave rebellions throughout history and more recently; (3) numerous attempts to end or at least slow down climate change.

D About the Music:

A purposely sparse ensemble of Native American bass flute, acoustic guitar and clay drums begin the tune and strings, a wonderful pad on the D-50 (SPIN S900) and drum kit are added as the composition progresses.

Further Historical Info

Visions and Visionaries
Native American Visionaries
  • Chief Seattle
    "The earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth."
  • Tecumseh *
    Organized Native American confederacy to resist white settlement
  • Crazy Horse
    Lakota war leader who fought against the United States federal government
  • Others...