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Running with the Sun

Running With The Sun

Hmm... Is it Native American jazz fusion?


Who doesn't like a sunny day? When the temperature is just right and the sun is shining, you feel energized and empowered - ready for the world! This tune is a catchy quickie based on that great energy you feel when its a perfect day of sunshine.

When listening, can you imagine?
  • A Native American hunting party silently pursuing deer in the Northeastern Woodlands; or
  • A group of joggers hyped up in the morning sun, dashing on an open trail across a meadow
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D About the Music:

This recording features my red cedar Native American flute. IMHO it has a little brighter and more centered tone than my walnut Native American Flute. The arrangement consists primarily of a blend of Native American percussion (frame drums) supported by acoustic guitar and electric bass.

Rhodes electric piano fills out the rhythm section. The Native American bass flute solos on the vamp/fade at the end.