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Quiet Determination

Quiet Determination

standing tall in a world of injustice


April 2020

This composition was originally titled Defiance but as I developed the arrangement, I thought it best to rename it to Quiet Determination. Defiance seems to warrant a more aggressive dissonant rock style.

Throughout the tune, there's an undercurrent of profound sadness analogous to dealing with the dismal the state of the world around us today. Photos of the Standing Rock - Dakota Access Pipeline protests serve as a fitting metaphor for both (1) the rampart disrespect and exploitation of our environment and; (2) a tribute to Native American's quiet determination to continue to survive and preserve their culture despite hundreds of years of government-sponsored genocidal migrations and illegal theft of their land.

Other struggles such as civil rights sit-ins in the 60s and Greta Thurnberg's recent stoic stance on the environment are represented in the photos as well.

Of course now that were are all aversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we all need megadoses of quiet determination to weather this terrible crisis. Hopefully we can all take heart in reviewing historical events and understanding that hope, love and resolute quiet determination will together, bring us through these troubled times.

D About the Music:

This tune features both the Native American bass flute and the trombone. There's a pensive poignancy to the entire composition. An ominous sense of foreboding builds to a more triumphant sense of empowerment. It is my hope that this tune will be thought provoking and perhaps even motivational to all listeners... especially after seeing the photos and reading the texts below.