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Dance of the Gahe

Mountain spirits

Gahe - Mountin Spirits

Traditional Apache religion—as is common with other Native American tribes—believed in the supernatural and the power of nature. Gahe were powerful mountain spirits capable of healing people.

"Gahe, God of the Mountains was first heard playing his drums within the mountains, where he lives with his fellow spirits. The Apache people began to dance to his beat, and Gahe rewarded them by healing their sicknesses. For generations after, those seeking health or healing would perform a dance to the mountain drums, asking Gahe for help."

Images are of the Peloncillo mountains and East Potrillo Mountains of the American Southwest.

D About the Music:

The groove of this tune is provided by a couple of didgeridoo loops. The performers are Adèle & Zalem - truly awesome Didgeridoo players forging new ground in dubstep!

Of course the didgeridoo is not Native American—it's from the Australian Aboriginal culture—so this an ethnic "world fusion" amalgamation... The idea behind this composition was to focus solely on "wooden" instruments (marimbas, kalimba, frame drums, log drums, didgeridoo, Native American flute, etc.) FYI: The D-550 provides the scratch track.