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Photo Montage:
Kansas Corn Field, Pawnee Lodge, Atira symbol


Pawnee Earth Goddess


It's fascinating that in so many cultures through out history—across the world—there has always been a mother goddess in charge of the forces of nature.

In the mythology of the Pawnee, Atira was Goddess of the Earth—Sacred Mother of every living creature—and her earthly manifestation was corn, which nourished them and symbolized the life that Mother Earth creates. As a symbol of Atira, ceremonies used an ear of corn (maize) painted blue to represent the sky and white feathers attached to represent a cloud.

FYI: Atira is also the name of the first asteroid known to have an orbit entirely within that of Earth!

D About the Music:

Atira begins with a ceremonial repetitive frame drum rhythm that propels the tune to the end. The Double Native American Flute is featured and the acoustic guitar keeps it simple and "folky".