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Terra Firma

Terra Firma

Solid Ground

Rich Coffey ยท Terra Firma
"When a storm blows, you must stand firm. For it is not trying to knock you down, it is really trying to teach you to be strong." - Joseph M. Marshall III

Terra Firma

Stand on solid ground
Here where truth is found
Take a look around
Sink or swim.

Politicians smile
Democracy's on trial
Science in denial
Pick your whim.

Where are we going?
Why is it so?
We wallow in quicksand
Fools lead the way
Deeper we sink each day.

Thugs control the talk
Geriatric leaders squawk
Yet few can barely walk
It's a sham.

Lies are everywhere
Far too often shared
No one seems to care
Truth be damned!

Where are we going?
Where will it lead?
We wallow in quicksand
Fools lead the way
Mired in the muck everyday.

- Synth Solo -
- Breakdown -

We all are running blind
When truth gets hard to find
It slowly blurs the mind
More each day.

As the fires around us burn
Have we passed the point of no return?
When will we ever learn
A better way?

Where are we going?
How far has it gone?
We wallow in quicksand
Fools lead the way
Deeper we sink each day.

Terra Firma:
  • dry land; the ground as distinct from the sea or air
  • often used metaphorically to denote a stable or secure situation, free from uncertainty or risk.

About the Music

A scathing summation of the state of the world today... Partisan politics, extreme weather due to climate change, social media run amok... you name it—we live in a really messed up world these days. Although the song doesn't offer a definitive solution—it does urge folks to rip away the tangled web of media-driven lies that envelop us currently and seek the truth - that's the only solid ground left to stand on...

Music Details

Synth Solo: Roland D-50
Piano, Drums, Percussion: Casio PX-S3000
Moog Bass, Guitar: Roland JV-880