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Silence, It Grows...

Silence, It Grows...

the truth will set you free...

You've seen something disturbing
So cruel you're heart is still hurting
You should tell someone what you saw

Instead you're keeping quiet
If asked you just deny it
It's passed but your heart's still torn and flawed

Silence it grows while the world is sleeping
Silence it knows secrets you are keeping
Silence it shows no matter what you try to hide

You felt something was wrong
Got scared… kept quiet too long
Now you're not sure what is best to do

Should you go on deceiving?
Could you keep on believing?
Would you feel better if someone knew?

Silence it grows while the world is sleeping
Silence it knows secrets you are keeping
Silence it shows no matter how you try to hide

When will you ever realize that
This hurt can’t go on
The black of night will be turned back
Each morning at dawn
Silence is growing a hole in your soul
Can’t you see?
Let it free…

Music, Lyrics, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

I have always been enamored with Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Recently I bought a few symphonic scores and—to my delight—Dover publishing had a wonderful version of the Rite of Spring!

The more you study this piece, the more you realize the sheer genius of Stravinsky's writing. The logic behind the polyrhythmic and polytonal motifs is mind boggling.

I have always been especially partial to the "Spring Rounds" movement score snippet > and started fiddling with playing the harmonies. This was the inspiration behind this tune! The minor 9th inverted voicing birthed the verse and the rest of the tune soon followed.

I remixed this from an earlier version because the flamenco guitar solo and the vocal on the bridge were previously too soft. The bummer was I had to resing the whole thing. The format for audio changed in the software I was using and I couldn’t use any of the previous vocal tracks. :-( Ah well, I think it’s a bit better now vocally as well…

All too often abusive and/or criminal behavior continues unnoticed and tragically is "fluffed off" because no one speaks up. The old cliché "The truth will set you free" is the premise behind this song...

Piano Demo
Watch/Listen - A short YouTube video where I am playing this song on the piano.