- original music and arrangements -


be thankful...

Stay reverent... reverent...
Stay reverent... reverent...
Be thankful for today.

Stay reverent just be thankful
For all you have today
Stay reverent for tomorrow
It could all just slip away
It could all just slip away
Be thankful for today.

Music, Lyrics, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

A lot of folks are complaining these days: “the internet’s too slow! - there’s no Starbucks nearby! - Amazon sucks! - the media is biased! - gas is so expensive!” yada... yada... yada...

If these whiners tried (1) living off the grid in the backwoods for a while; or (2) surviving in a third world country devastated by drought or ravaged by Ebola—maybe their incessant yapping might change. We all should realize a hurricane, a tornado, an out of control wildfire, or a flood can wipe out a person’s good fortune overnight!

All it takes is a quick retreat from today’s tech and commerce with a stroll through the wrecked remains of a natural disaster to see how lucky each one of us are. This tune was written as a reminder of the nebulousness of our life at the moment—it all could change in an instant!

A simple melodic motif permeates the entire tune, first in the A section (electric piano) and then in the B section (trombones and vocals). Screenshot - opens in new tab

Is it a vocal tune or an instrumental? Similar to a couple of other tunes I’ve written (Dreamcatcher, Last Stand,) it could be either! Although the vocal section is not dominant, I choose to categorize it as a vocal tune.