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Our Promised Land

...it's tragic how history repeats itself

Broken USA Broken USA

Where we are and where we're going?
It's hard to know the way
With so much fear… and so much hate
In our world today

Where to turn? Who to believe?
When all you've held as true
Is torn apart… or thrown away
What can you do?

Once the land of liberty
Our promised land of free
Has seen it's darkest hour
We all must seek the light
To take us through the night
Truth will find a way to flower
Look to the light… let it take flight
Hold on... be strong

A world gone wrong, out of control
So little hope in sight
The daily news… just brings you down
It isn't right

How did it all end up this way?
Greed rules us from the top
Our leaders lie… while people die
When will it stop?

Voices must be heard
Rise up and spread the word
It can't go on this way
Seeds of protest sown
Will make the truth be known
All who've failed us soon will pay
Spirits unite… rise up and fight
Hold on... be strong


Spirits rise up and unite
From the dark will come the light
Truth and hope must take a stand
To bring back home our promised land

Our Promised Land

Orchestra only

Music: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

2018 - OMG - I pulled this tune from the archives, gave it a listen and COULD NOT BELIEVE how much it is even more relevant today! I cleaned up the arrangement a bit and re-recorded it. The instrumental orchestral version (sans vocal) I thought was interesting and "worthy" enough on its own to be posted as well. Below is what I wrote as "liner notes" back in 2004 -- its freakin' scary isn't it?

Lyric Details: "Post Nov. 2nd, 2004 angst... (election day-after blues)"
Troubled by the increasingly aggressive stance America has taken in the world today, I have felt helpless as major news channel coverage seems to be reduced to love-em-or-leave-em patriotic sound bytes and shouting matches by the schoolyard bully type.

An isolationist smug superiority has permeated the rhetoric of American politics--and sadly, the American public has followed in lock-step, gleefully agreeing to ever-greater degrees of intolerance and scapegoating.

Spiritually despondent after Nov. 2nd, 2004, these lyrics were a catharsis in an attempt to find solace and strength against the drudge and (mis)direction our country was pursuing -- the road ahead looked mighty bleak.

Music Details:
Harmonically, the composition is an amalgamation of classical and modern jazz harmonies. It is structured using shifting stacks of open fifths and fourths implying vertical chord structures yet their primarily "linear-in-nature motion" predominates.

The orchestration was conceived as primarily a string chamber orchestra of strings with a bit of background accompaniment by electric bass and drums. The meter shifts between 3/4 and 4/4.