- original music and arrangements -
Wide Open...

The Big Wide Open

Highway to heaven...

Up at the crack of dawn… he’s on his way
Another deadline… another day
Fight the traffic… fight the fear
But keep the smile… hold back the tear.

Big decisions… the pressure’s on
But don’t look back on what went wrong
Too much temptation… too little say
Can’t take the blame… so getaway.

On a lonesome stretch of highway he was flyin’
Where the prairie and the sky go on without end
Searchin’ for his piece of mind so long denied him
The big wide open now seemed his only friend.

So tired of runnin’ and playin’ scared
No longer needed… he’d done all he dared
He played his number… the time had come
No way to stop now… his work was done.

On a lonesome stretch of highway… (etc.)

His heart was racin’… he felt so strange
A sense of freedom ran through his veins
He gunned the engine… put the pedal to the floor
Then crossed that line… he knew for sure!

On a lonesome stretch of highway… (etc.)

Out in the big wide open sky
Let imagination fly
Out in the big wide open land
You can make your own last stand..

Music, Lyrics, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

This midnight motorist drags some heavy baggage wherever he runs to. A dark mystery of past misdeeds haunts his every move. "Hemlock on the Highway" seems to be his last recourse. A strange way to find freedom but the "big wide open" has always been a conduit for escape.

This tune is dominated by the acoustic guitar including dual interweaving tracks on the Chorus. (Although it doesn't sound like Neil Young, I love his writing and acoustic guitar work.)

JV-880: Acoustic guitar
OB Matrix-1000: distorted lead guitar and gunned engine sound
D-50: atmospheric backgrounds