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Just Shufflin' Along...

respecting the elderly

May 2020 - In our fast-paced culture of youthful optimism and rapid change, there's an often overlooked quiet dignity to old folks. As their body weakens, it gets harder and harder to get around and their slow but determined pace is admirable to watch. This slow bluesy shuffle is dedicated to my Dad (who shunned a cane to the very end) and my Mom who is still going strong in her 90s! God Bless the elderly...

About the Music
Truth be told, I composed the melody on the Native American Flute first and then, as the arrangement progressed, decided to play it on the trombone instead to add an extra wallop of "bluesy-ness". This switch upset the flute player (he's a very sensitive person smile) so the flute shares the spotlight both at the beginning and the end. The drum track comes from Wikiloops and really keeps it anchored in a gritty slow shuffle.