- original music and arrangements -
cavern cavern cavern cavern cavern cavern

A Secret Cavern

an underground marvel...

Deep down, far beneath mankind's daily hustle and bustle on the surface, there's a secret cavern waiting to be explored. Nothing but the occasional faint splash of a water droplet disturbs the eerie silence...

About the Music

This tune was inspired by a great patch I discovered on my Casio Digital Piano called Cello Fingers. Its the bass part on the tune and it has a wonderful true acoustic sound to it. The acoustic guitar is the JV-880. The Native American Bass flute plays the melody and the Native American Double Flute plays the solo-improv-fade. There's weird high-pitched anomaly thats heard for a brief moment on the double flute solo—imagine that's the screech of a bat! Throughout the tune, there are also occasional audio snippets of water drippings in a huge cavern to help accentuate the ambiance... :-)