- original music and arrangements -
Morning Smile

Riding on Hope

Native American Flute

About the Music
This tune features the Native American flute. Acoustic guitar and acoustic bass along with sparse Native America frame drums keep it anchored in tradition while the strings add a lushness to the rich harmony.

Food For Thought
Riding on Hope can mean so many different things... Metaphorically, the phrase is often used to mean a sense of moving toward your goal, lifted and propelled by a euphoric sense of hope.

From (1) the incredible feeling on a mountain bike pressing onward to your destination (especially when exhausted, slogging up just one more hill! ); to (2) the sense of melancholy regarding the state of the world today... yet still believing that tomorrow things will improve—riding on hope is a special state of mind.

mountain biking


Past Events
A few other historical events where "riding on hope" is equally applicable:

Native Americans assembling on horseback for the all important prairie buffalo hunt:
native americans

Wagon Trains of settlers traveling westward across the Oregon or Sante Fe trails in search of a new life out west:
wagon train

The Freedom Riders - civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States in early 60s challenging local laws or customs that enforced segregation:
freedom riders

Illegal Aliens - being smuggled into the USA huddled in the back of a coyote's truck:
illegal aliens

Each and every participant in the above-mentioned events were surely "riding on hope"...