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Lost Tomorrows Lost Tomorrows Lost Tomorrows Lost TomorrowsLost Tomorrows

Lost Tomorrows

troubled times...

Back in 1989, Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby wrote an amazing song called "The End of the Innocence". It was a lament for the simpler times of yesteryear and a profound sorrow over what has replaced them. Sadly, decades later, we are still witnessing the continued unraveling of the American social fabric. Partisan politics; rampant hate crimes; extreme fires, floods and storms triggered by climate change; vast amounts of sickness and death across the globe due to COVID-19... the daily news is becoming evermore painful to read.

About the Music

This instrumental's title is in reference to what we have lost for our future. It's a simple plaintive tune featuring the acoustic piano and the Native American flute. The hook of "The End of the Innocence" is played by the flute both in the beginning and end—a fitting musical reference for what we have lost on so many levels...