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Mountain Biking

In the Flow

Mellow but Intense Jazz Fusion

Hopefully we all have experienced that magic moment when you're caught in "the zone", immersed in an intense focus where space and time seem to cease to exist. Like water coursing its way to the sea, flow is an effortless force that drives your spirit to its goal - an amazing sensation where everything else disappears.

For me, being in the flow could be while riding on a perfect mountain biking trail: experiencing the ecstasy of gliding through a beautiful forest, or it could be when I am at the keyboard, writing a tune and all the chords and melody seem to flow through me from a higher plane.

About the Music
This tune just came to me - I was caught up in the flow… mesmerized in the moment, hence its name.

Although I've wrote and recorded for the Native American flute extensively in the Nature Suite, this is the first tune in the instrumental section of the site where it is featured along with the trombone. The lush electric piano sound is a combination of the Roland D-50 and the MKS-20.