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take comfort, we are healing...

“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.”
– Debasish Mridha

"Iaomai" - what a weird name for a tune title! How to pronounce it? What does it mean?

Iaomai is a Greek verb meaning "to cure" or "to heal". It is used quite frequently in the Bible and can take on the connotation "to make whole" or to "free oneself from errors and sins and to bring about one's salvation."

May 2021 - The last year admittedly has been hell for most of us. The pandemic has taken a toll on our loved ones and social distancing and mandatory isolation has not been easy. But its spring, flowers are blooming, and things are beginning to look promising (at least in the Northeast)! smiley The majority of folks have been vaccinated and public spaces are beginning to open up.

Considering this long awaited turnaround, we ARE healing. Its a slow process for sure but at this juncture we CAN take comfort once again in each other and enjoy a bit of happiness...

About the Music
Although composition was actually inspired by noodling on the new Casio piano I recently purchased, I opted for the electric piano patch on the D-550 instead and the Casio was not even used! Frame Drums kick it off at the beginning and the Moogish bass plays a prominent role throughout the arrangement.