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saying goodbye

It's never easy saying goodbye or ending a long and fruitful chapter of our lives to start anew. On one hand—of course it's exciting to look forward to the change and adventure that starting afresh will bring—but parting with old ways, old friends and the familiarity of a comforting "daily routine" is inevitably sad and a tad bit nerve-wracking.

This tune popped out when playing my long-loved Steinway upright piano as we slowly emptied our house for a move northward. "Farewell" seemed the appropriate title: a poignant tribute to my cherished yesterdays...

About the Music
My signature "jazz guitar" opens the tune and both the Gm Native American flute and the Trombone share the lead. An eclectic blend of various percussion along with fretless bass, Fender Rhodes and a beautiful but single note JV-880 pad fills out the accompaniment.

The long spacey coda section transitions from a flute improv on a minor key to a bone improv on a major key—a metaphor for the hopefully cheery and adventure-filled new chapter to come :-)