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Faded Glory

Faded Glory

discards of history...

Like a former hero living out their final golden days, forgotten and cast aside, this tune is proudly majestic yet tinged with deep sadness. The title "Faded Glory" serves as a metaphor for a wide variety of things: forgotten aging war veterans, the re-examined dark side of historical landmark events tarnished by brutality and scandal and of course, tragically, the decline of America in the eyes of the world as we descend into chaos and incessant unsolvable bipartisanship...

About Faded Glory
This tune was birthed by a simple Bach-type chorale motif (screenshot) I started playing on a lovely electric piano patch. It was developed further and used as the opening A section of the composition. The plaintive sound of the Native American bass flute bathed in echo and accompanied by lush orchestrations in the B and C sections add contrast yet keep the mood sad and reflective.