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a bittersweet goodbye and a hopeful look ahead

This short and simple tune came to me as I was playing my lovely Steinway acoustic piano for the very last time. I just sold it to studio in Nashville... Who knows, maybe the Steinway will be heard on some county tunes in the future :-) Of course it was a bit bittersweet as I had that piano for over thirty years and wrote some beautiful stuff on it... But it was time to move on as we are moving up north and starting a new chapter in our lives.

Truth be told, in the last few years I played it less and less as I gravitated to the studio more and more to arrange and record new music.

Out the Door

About the Music
This is an electric piano feature. It's in 3 and backed up by acoustic bass and brushes on the drums. There's a hint of eager expectation due to the somewhat brisk tempo and being in a major key...