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written by Keith Jarrett

spiral Dance

This is a great tune written by Keith Jarrett. It was first released in 1974 on the ECM album "Belongings." My arrangement—transposed up a 4th—is a more of a jazz-rock fusion version, heavy on the Rhodes and electric bass. The synth and bone trade 8s for the solo section.

Here's a live version with Jan Garbarek and Keith Jarrett
The head starts at 7 minutes in (the link below starts there)

written by Chick Corea

Crystal Silence

What a great tune! Its most famous rendition is a duet Chick did with vibraphonist Gary Burton. In keeping with that "crystalline" ambiance, my arrangement is a stripped down ensemble of acoustic bass, vibes, Native American Flutes and trombone. To enhance the arrangement, frame drums and a tad of strings are added as well. The vibraphone sound is once again, the amazing MKS-20 and the acoustic bass is courtesy of the Roland D-50.

The modal solo groove section in 3 is loosely based off of the groove equivalent on the Chick Corea/Gary Burton arrangement that starts around 5 minutes into the recording.

Many thanks to Jerry Barger for his beautiful photo of the Flatiron Reservoir in Colorado.

composed by Keith Jarrett

Memories of Tomorrow

This tune is from Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert solo improvisations released in 1975 by ECM Records. The recording became the best-selling solo album in jazz history and the all-time best-selling piano album with sales of more than 3.5 million!

It’s a beautiful melody. My arrangement is in Dm (rather than Am) keeping the trombone in the richer sounding middle register. It features strings, a “jazz guitar” and acoustic bass encapsulated as a light bossa nova. The middle section gets a little heavy and the trombone gets purposely a little raucous for the edge it creates. :-)

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I recorded this arrangement back in 2017 but it was pretty roughshod. I did remix it in 2021 and it sounds a bit better although the bone is still a bit "blatty" and uneven in spots. But doesn't that prove that the old adage isn't true? I am sorry to say, everything can't be fixed in the mix!