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School Days

Loudon Wainwright III

In Delaware when I was younger
I would live a life obscene
In the Spring I had great hunger.
I was Brando. I was Dean.
Blaspheming, booted, blue-jeaned baby boy
Oh how I made them turn their heads
The townie, brownie girls, they jumped for joy
And begged me bless them in their beds…

In Delaware when I was younger
I would row upon the lake
In the Spring I had great hunger
I was Keats... Oh I was Blake.
My pimpled penciled-pains I'd bring
To frogs who sat entranced
My drift-dream ditties I would sing
The water strider danced…

In Delaware when I was younger
They thought St. Andrew had sufficed
But in the Spring I had great hunger
I was Buddha. I was Christ.
You wicked wise men where's your wonder?
You Pharisees one day will pay!
See my lightning, hear my thunder
I am truth. I know the way…

In Delaware when I was younger…

Music Arrangement, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

Ever since my high school “folkie days” I have adored this song. Loudon Wainwright III is a brilliant lyricist and this song is a cryptic yet clever "coming of age" tune. Who can't remember the time—when in our formative years—we all thought we knew everything and had "the world at our command"?

The tempo is a tad slower and I have spiced up the arrangement quite a bit with guitars, drums, acoustic bass, strings, a dab of electric piano and a trombone solo. The bridge "solo section" I added as well. It was sung as a kind of defiant angry look back, suggesting perhaps better days were in the past…

Louden's Version