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I Don't Wanna Know

John Martyn (and Rich Coffey)

I don't wanna to know 'bout evil, I only wanna know about love
I don't wanna to know 'bout evil, I only wanna know about love.

Sometimes it gets so hard to listen
Hard for us to use our eyes
'Cause all around the gold is glistening
Making sure it keeps us hypnotized.

I'm waiting for the plains to tumble
Waiting for the towns to fall
I'm waiting for the cities to crumble
Waiting till I hear the call.

No more greed just love...

Concrete jungles dense with hustle
In crowded streets its push and shove
Yet the world can seem so cold and empty
When nothing sparks the flame of love.

Everywhere around you are people
As different as the day from night
Yet now we’re building walls and fences
To keep each other’s “difference” outta sight.

No more fences just love...

I don't wanna to know 'bout evil, I only wanna know about love
I don't wanna to know 'bout evil, I only wanna know about love

Music, Trombone, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions


This is a great song written way back in the 70s by John Martyn. John's version and other versions listed below are basically a hook-laden extended vamp whereas I added a couple of verses and a couple of new sections to create a bit more structured song form.

Rhodes electric piano, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass keep it "folky." The trombone adds a bit of jazz/blues and the drums and percussion are an amalgamation of a drum loop and sporadic MIDI JV-880 percussion.

About John Martyn

John Martyn, was a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. In the 70s, he began incorporating jazz and rock into his music and experimenting with guitar effects and tape delay machines. This song is from his classic album "Solid Air" which is considered one of the defining records of British folk with "not a note out of place.” He was described by the press as "an electrifying guitarist and singer whose music blurred the boundaries between folk, jazz, rock and blues. Eric Clapton once once said: “John Martyn is so far ahead of everything, it’s almost inconceivable.”

I was fortunate in college to not only have a beautiful girlfriend but a beautiful girlfriend with an amazing record collection! :-) I became acquainted with John Martyn’s music through her...

John Martyn

John Martyn

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