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Horn Bands


Chicago - Mother "Live" 1972
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Great rock song with an ecological theme featuring tight vocal harmonies, a kick-ass rhythm section and a 3-piece horn section as featured soloists. I must be dreaming -- Oh wait that was 1972 -- no wonder....

Chicago - Just You 'n' Me "Live" (1974)
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This was recorded at the Caribou Ranch in Nederland, CO, USA in July 1974.
It aired on U.S. TV August 16, 1974.

Chicago - Call On Me "Live" (1974)
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Venue the same as above...
A very rare Chicago footage, the 1974's song Call On Me
performed live at the Caribou Ranch,
from TV special "Meanwhile back at the ranch",
aired on August 16, 1974, with the original members and
Laudir de Oliveira, former Brazilian percussionist.

Chicago - (I've been) Searchin' So Long
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1974 - performed live at the Caribou Ranch

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Blood Sweat and Tears

You're the One
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This is a beautiful song!

Blood, Sweat & Tears
Vocals - Jerry Fisher and Jerry LaCroix
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1974 Concert - Live in Germany

Al Kooper & Friends - Morning Glory
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Live in New York 1994
A Tim Buckley Tune

Steve Katz singing
Al Kooper - keyboards

Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker - Trumpet
Tom Malone - Trombone

Fred Lipsius - Sax

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Ides of March

Ides of March - Vehicle
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Driving horns featuring the powerful vocals of Jim Peterik -- still a classic!

Ides of March - L.A. Goodbye
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Smooth lush vocal harmonies - a catchy tune
A masterpiece and can you believe it's live?!

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Chase "Get It On" LIVE 1971
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Screaming Trumpets
(let me repeat... Screaming Trumpets)

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Lighthouse (One Fine Morning) - 1972
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Music kicks off around 1:20

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Dreams - New York
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Sorry - not live but this smokes!!

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