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Ivan Lins

A brilliant and sensitive songwriter, Ivan Lins' songs typically feature lush harmony with a distinctive jazz sensibility. A Grammy nominee, he is currently and deservedly one of the most recorded Brazilian composers abroad .

Ivan Lins

Lee Ritenour e Ivan Lins - Beyond The Storm YouTube link >
Lee Ritenour: Guitar
Dave Grusin: Acoustic Piano
Harvey Mason: Drums
Anthony Jackson: six string electric bass
Paulinho da Costa: percussions
Ivan Lins: Vocal & Keyboards
All under GRP (Grusin/Rosen Production)

Ivan Lins - Depois dos temporais YouTube link >
Beautiful music in any language.
Leo Amuedo from Montevideo, Uruguay on guitar. (sync is a bit off...)

Ivan Lins e Lee Ritenaur - Harlequin YouTube link >
Beautiful, creative music....

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Tom Jobim

Who else best represents Brazilian music and bossa nova? Due to his melodic sense and harmonic sophistication, Jobim is acknowledged as one of the most influential popular composers of the 20th century. Pianist, composer, singer, arranger & occasional guitarist; his songs embody all the beauty and enchantment of the Brazilian culture...

Elis Regina & Tom Jobim

Elis Regina - O Bebado e A Equilibrista YouTube link >
1979 - Brasil

Brilliant, this is the essence of the genuis of bossa nova.

João Gilberto & Tom Jobim

João Gilberto & Tom Jobim - Desafinado YouTube link >
The epitome of bossa nova - João & Tom together on Desafinado!


Often considered the most sophisticated instrumental popular music in the world, Choro is often a fast and happy rhythm, characterized by the virtuostic improvisations of the musicians. This is a great performance!

Sardinha's Club - Chorinho de Gafieira YouTube link >
Chorinho de Gafieira (Astor Silva)
Show do Sardinha's Club no Festival Sul Americano
Fantastic live performance!!

Eduardo Neves: Sax e Flauta
Rodrigo Lessa: bandolim e bandarra
Roberto Marques: Trombone
Bernardo Bosísio: violão

Edson Menezes: baixo
Marcos Esguleba: percussão
Xande Figueiredo: bateria

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Raul de Souza

One of THE great trombone players in the world.

Raul de Souza e Trialogo - At Will YouTube link >
Clip do show realizado na Riviera de São Lourenço, Bertioga, SP/Brasil.
Trialogo formado por Debora Gurgel (piano), Itamar Collaço, (baixo), Percio Sapia (bateria).

Raul de Souza em Sao Paulo YouTube link >