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George Duke | Rufus & Chaka Khan | Mica Paris

Soul/Funk - George Duke

A monster musician, George Duke has been a favorite of mine for decades. Who else could write brilliant pop tunes steeped in funk AND authentic brazilian grooves and sing and play his #ss off?! A totally unique talent--I was hooked ages ago from his early BASF records. His Mini-moog playing and his touch on the pitch bend wheel was unparallaled.

He was a ham onstage too as some of these videos demonstrate. Even with his enormous talent, he never took himself too seriously. Always having a good time, his light-hearted nature was inextingishable and contagious! His is sadly missed - ENJOY...

George Duke Band Live Tokyo Japan 1983 YouTube link >
Foot Stomping Infectious Fun smiley
(Behind all the silliness was an incredible musician...)
9:26 - whammy bar and of course 13:38 - this is pure funky happiness!
14:20 - 80s prog rock, 17:08 Fugue...
23:50 - Marsha Levy killin'it!
33:57 - Bluesy Piano...
37:47 - The Hit Song, 44:20 the soulful vamp/outro...
52:40 - Haunting Mesmerizing Synth Solo (sans band..)
56:00 - with the band (so smooth...) to 1:03:00
56:00 to 1:03:00- Haunting Mesmerizing Synth Solo (so smooth...)

George Duke - Reach Out Solo Synth YouTube link >
Freaky synth with whammy bar.
George Duke is a master musician/magician
This guy knows how to have a good time!

George Duke - No Rhyme No Reason
Pretty song.. George sings sweetly... The band keeps the silky groove in the pocket...
(Emotional antics borrowed from the James Borwn catalog :-) )

YouTube link >
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George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair
with Stanley Clarke doin' his thang

YouTube link >
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George Duke with Billy Cobham - Rush Hour YouTube link >
Smokin' fusion with Billy Cobham (Larry Kimpel on bass)

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Soul/Funk - Rufus & Chaka Khan

Ooo Yeah... What a band!

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good
YouTube link >

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Soul/Funk - Mica Paris

A truly amazing singer—smoky and haunting—her performance gives me the chills every time I hear it!
She's a goddess and one of the best singers on the planet!

Mica Paris - Summertime
YouTube link >

David Gilmour / Mica Paris - I Put a Spell On
YouTube link >

Damn - This lady can sing!!

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