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Welcome to RichCoffeyMusic.com, an online visually-enhanced audio gallery of original songs and compositions. From compositions featuring rich harmonic progressions to humorous anecdotes from a musician’s life, enjoy browsing a multifaceted outlook on both music and modern media.

What is the Nature Suite?

Take a musical journey into the heart and soul of nature...
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Although there is a substantial catalog of original works in the Listen section, this site strives to be more than just another musician's "self-tribute." Interactive scores, a smidgen of philosophical writings and an eclectic collection of YouTube Live Performance videos of many of jazz, funk and rock musical greats have geared the site towards a more "user-driven" hands-on learning experience. Welcome and enjoy watching, listening and interacting...

Who Am I?
I have been a creative musician all my life—playing in local clubs, composing for film and dance companies as well as touring with Astrud Gilberto as a trombonist/keyboardist.

I've had the honor to perform, arrange and compose for a wide variety of musical idioms from Brazilian jazz to classical and pop. One could truthfully say "I don't compose to live -- I live to compose!"

Rich Coffey