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Life After Music - Part Three

July 2019 - A couple of months back, I took a look at my previous essays on “Life After Music” and told myself it was time for an update. A little self-deprecating life evaluation is always helpful and cheaper than paying for a shrink

Needless to say, nothing came of it until I received this trophy and booklet at work:

25 Years!

Yikes - It hit me like a ton of bricks... 25 years as a corporate dude - can you believe it? Should I be embarrassed or honored?

OK - Upon Reflection...

The Negative?
I’m am not a full-time musician but in retrospect, I did have my 15 minutes of fame back in the day with Astrud...

Astrud Gilberto and Band

The Positive?
I have a family (a beautiful wife and a successfully independent son), a house (BTW - both my son’s college education and the house mortgage are fully paid off!!), and I am in still relatively good health (so far!). But just as important... I have the time, freedom and creative inspiration to compose, arrange and record MY music—No more weekends playing Achy Breaky Heart, the Tarantella or the latest mundane top forty hit! Now that’s called peace of mind...

Truth be told Multimedia and the Web are pretty cool—especially if you are a creative person—so my corporate gig can be fun...

In addition to my passion (obsession?) for creating original music, I am lucky to have a few other interests that I can pursue now as well: mountain biking, cartography and railroad-related history. “Too many eggs in one basket can drive a man earlier to his casket.” It’s good to have a balanced diet!

Even with a 9-5 day gig - I have been able to find the time and continued “inner spark” to keep active, accumulate knowledge and share these passions with others. Heck - multimedia and the web make it all possible! True convergences:

  1. RC Pedalpoint - railroad history blog
  2. FCNEMBA trail maps - cartography and mountain biking (I made all the maps!)
  3. Nature Suite - mountain biking and music!

Rich Coffey - July 2019

September 2019 Update

I must be doing something right because for two months, my Nature Suite is #1 in Google:-)