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Life After Music - PART II

January 2011 - As some of you may know, I turned from the lucrative (cough, cough) and rewarding (choke/gag/gasp) life of a musician to a multimedia focus a few years back. Succumbing to a 9-5 in a corporate cubicle had it's necessary advantages (did I hear someone say health insurance? ...you are correct!) but the transition was not without regret.

Nevertheless, I considered it a challenge to find my way and "fit in". I poured my heart and soul into it — not just to keep my day gig, but as an outlet for creative expression and a public "soapbox" for sharing my thoughts.

Cultivating that ultimate chord progression or writing that poignant lyric were relegated to the sidelines as interactive scripting, visual enhancement and motion-driven design took center stage. My lab wasn't a MIDI studio or a smoky club but the virtual world of the internet.

Like so many others in this technological-driven digital age; the flesh, sweat and blood of the real world was swapped out for the wild and winsome wonders of the web.

Metrics - Miffed and Mollified

But I digress... I've been monitoring traffic on my sites (and ranking in Google) and — altho' my metrics are not that scientific — they do indicate and foreshadow a bigger picture of what folks tend to gravitate to while surfing...

Hip interactive multimedia, e.g., the Knowledge Tree linkOut — altho' interesting informative (and even at times a tad controversial) — still doesn't "bring the crowds" compared to music and song (this site). Yeah, the truth be told, I haven't added much of anything new to either of my two main sites in quite a while, I was focused here linkOut, a separate offshoot that featured maps. But nevertheless, even though this music site has stayed even more stagnant for far too long, it still ranks higher and draws a consistent crowd.

Strange how music still seems to be the overwhelming magnet that draws in and captivates casual netizens. It's a powerful and compelling experience — still unique and "exalted" among the myriad of media formats now available.

Well, I've said this a hundred times before but I finally have dusted off the recording gear and have a few tunes (songs and instrumentals) just waiting to be recorded. The metrics must be telling me to "get it together dude" and crank 'em out.
Click your heels 3 times and repeat after me >> there's no place like home... there's no place like home...

-- Jan 27th, 2011 --

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