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Breaking News
The CD has been pressed! The music was professionaly engineered and mastered and I am happy to say it sounds and looks great.

Release Date
Although originally scheduled to be released May 10th, the release date has been postponed until sometime in early June. The COVID 19 pandemic forced the disc manufacturer and digital distributor to temporarily halt operations due to safety concerns for their staff.

Nature Suite CD

Breaking News
Although currently, you can listen to and check out MP3s and hear Nature Suite selections streamed on a variety of music distribution channels (YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc) the CD is sadly not yet listed on Amazon.com. Why not?

5-27-20 - Update from the Artist Services handling my distribution on why the Nature Suite CD is not yet listed on Amazon.com.

"Due to the pandemic quarantine, we've not yet received your CDs into our system. As a result, we can't create a live Amazon listing of your CD until we have stock checked in to actually process orders. When the CDs are checked in, you will receive an email from our manufacturing team and the process will be rushed through to ensure Amazon will list your CD ASAP."