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Steppin' Out

composed and arranged by: Rich Coffey


From the archives...
In the 80s, Bill Harris and I co-lead a 3 horn jazz-funk band that rehearsed, recorded and performed
original music in NYC. We were fortunate to have great players and a young and enthusiastic desire
to create original music together. This was one of the compositions we recorded.

Steppin' Out is a Brazilian jazz tune featuring the horn section trading phrases in the solo section. The A section melody is trombone and guitar doubled, The B section melody is Al & I on wordless vocal doubled by the flute. The full horn section enters at the end of this section.There is some truly beautiful flugelhorn playing by Al (especially at the Coda) and Michael Dawe propels the rhythm section with tasteful high-energy throughout. Enjoy...

FYI: The recording was made on a MAC direct from a cassette!

-rich coffey

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©1981 Richard Coffey - all rights reserved

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