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Parkbench Thoughts

To Get Back Home

based on a piano etude by Edvard Grieg *

Been away far too long from home
Tired of travelin' feelin' all alone
Need to stop all this runnin' 'round
Gotta get back home and settle down

Days and nights go on without end
Miss my family, how I miss my friends
Treasure each moment on the phone
How I long to someday to get on home

Home to where she's waiting patiently anticipating my embrace
Back to see my son and share in all the fun that time won't ever erase
Where the veil of darkness every nightime calms each weary bone
Oh how I long to go home...

Gotta work money's always tight
Took this job to try and make things right
Need more time to save enough away
And finally end these troubled lonely days

On the road in another town
Every night without you brings me down
There's a dark cloud that's over me
Will it ever go away and set me free?

Music, Lyrics, Vocals: Rich Coffey
*based on Longing for Home by Edvard Grieg
Heimweh, Op. 57, No. 6
Recorded at Mistura Productions

There was this haunting melody from a Grieg piano etude that I kept humming to myself long after I had finished playing it. The piece seemed to be crying out for lyrics with its title "Longing for Home."

One day I got the idea of the storyline--someone traveling on the road, working hard at his job, nobly trying to support his family faraway back home.

It's a very melancholy melody and thought it would be nice to have a bright and happy bridge to counter-balance this sadness and better illustrate the contrast between what he's longing for--his life back home--and the dreary desperation of his life on the road.

It was also my first use of a digital audio vocal track in sync with the (rubato) MIDI tracks, a feature of MOTU Performer 6.