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Sacred Ground

"The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors."
 - Plenty Coups, Crow (Native American)

Alberta, Canada
Sacred Ground - Blackfoot Tribe
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Sacred Ground

This instrumental is actually based on my song "One With The Land". Sections of that song were pared down and rearranged to feature a wooden flute* accompanied by percussion and strings.

* custom patch I programmed on the Roland D50

The photos were gleaned online and hope to convey the connection between Native Americans and the vast stretches of land they loved and lost. The cruel and unjust encroachment and tacit approval of “colonization” by our United States government is a tragic and often untold chapter in our history books.

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Plenty Coups
Plenty Coups
Plenty Coups, Crow
Plenty Coups (1848 – 1932) was the Chief of the Crow Nation (Apsáalooke), a visionary leader, and a great diplomat. "Plenty Coups" is an English translation of his Native American name: Ashbacheeítche - meaning "counting many coups (war achievements)".
Plenty Coups