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Rich Coffey Instrumentals

Studio - Originals:

Compositions written by Rich Coffey

Erik Satie

In the Flow

- Mellow but Intense Jazz Fusion featuring both the Trombone and the Natve American Flute

Erik Satie

Voates (pronounced voh- ah-tes)

- jazz guitar and two trombones, mellow and introspective

At The Helm

At The Helm

- smooth jazz fusion, mixed time signatures, upper register trombone

On the Go

On The Go

- Brazilian jazz with 5 horns (3 flutes, flugelhorn and bone...)


Praia (pronounced pry - ah)

- a bossa nova evocative of the vibe I felt cruisin' down the beach in Rio de Janeiro


Summer's Here

- Brazilian jazz, happy uptempo

High Altitude

High Altitude

- moody jazz fusion, upper register trombone



- contemporary jazz fusion



- classical string ensemble with trombone soloist (a bit of jazz snuck in as well)


Live Gigs:

Who Knows? Who Cares?

Who Knows? Who Cares?...

- Latin-Jazz, Molten Brass live in NYC

Rio Gig

Hidden In The Shadow

- Live from Rio de Janerio! 5 horn funk-swing jazz played by a band of Brazilian All Stars


Some Punk Junk

- Hot Ice live in NYC, rock/funk featuring the electric trombone

Hot Ice

Movin' One

- Hot Ice live in NYC, featuring the electric trombone


Multimedia Audio



Used in the "Credits" section of the interactive: "Blowback," this music weaves together three songs into one: (1) The Eve of Destruction; (2) America; and (3) My Country Tis of Thee.



- examples of a few audio snippets used in multimedia projects