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Rich Coffey Instrumentals

Customed-crafted arrangements of Standards, Contemporary Hits, Spirituals, etc.

Studio - Arrangements:

- Brazilian (Bossa Nova, Samba, etc.) -

- Bossa Nova Ballad (written by Bruno Martino)

João Gilberto

I have always been enamored by the beauty of this tune. Although it was an Italian pop song, Joao Gilberto "put it on the map" with his poignant bossa nova version. My arrangement features low register trombone and a mellow emulation of jazz guitar, Fender Rhodes electric piano and electric bass to keep it soft and sensuous.

Although this was minor hit in Italy when released, it eventually became a worldwide jazz standard largely through its bossa nova re-interpretation by João Gilberto. Chet Baker—in his always understated lyricism—recorded a wonderful version of this as well.

- Bossa Nova Ballad written by Edu Lobo, Torquato Neto and Lani Hall (English Lyrics)

Edu Lobo

OMG... What can anyone say about this gorgeous tune other than its a privilege to play it on the trombone. The lyric for the vocal version both in Portuguese AND English are so perfect you want to just melt. Be sure to check out Bonnie Bowden singing with Sergio Mendes (and keep a handkerchief nearby...)

Bonnie Bowden

written by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Antonio Carlos Jobim

Unrequited love or just a longing for someone that can never be, Ligia is another achingly beautiful tune by Tom Jobim.

Tom Jobim's genius for harmony is the focus of this stripped down arrangement featuring the trombone accompanied by only a jazz guitar, an acoustic bass and the subdued addition of a string quartet. There's no improv solo, just the tune once through and a short tag/coda.